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Have you heard of the Computer Tabulating Recording Company? How about Blue Ribbon Sports? Perhaps you’re familiar with BackRub? You may be surprised to learn that we’re actually talking about IBM, Nike, and Google respectively. Each, at a pivotal moment, embraced an Effective Brand Refresh strategy, a journey akin to our transformation work with Cimzia Select for UCB Pharma, where we developed a deeply resonant brand identity for women, showcasing our expertise in meaningful branding. This process is a testament to the power of an Effective Brand Refresh Strategy. Discover more about brand evolution by exploring IBM’s history and the story behind Nike’s name change.

If you’re contemplating how to rejuvenate your company, awaken its relevance, and recalibrate its brand identity and values, a brand refresh is an impactful strategy. But starting can be daunting. What questions should you consider to steer your brand refresh effectively?

At Think Hatch, revamping brands with an Effective Brand Refresh Strategy is what we do best. We’ve refined our approach into four foundational blocks through our Brand Foundations, guiding your company towards significant growth. For insights on crafting compelling brand stories, consider exploring how aesthetics and usability intertwine in Steve Jobs’ design philosophy.

Ask yourself why?

This is the essence of your brand’s existence. It’s about the vision and the mission driving your organisation, similar to the strategic thinking that guided our Cimzia Select project.

Ask yourself who

Identifying your audience, much like we pinpointed for Cimzia Select, ensures your brand effectively meets its target demographic’s needs. Learn more about understanding customer needs and market research at Nielsen Norman Group.

Ask yourself how

Figuring out what sets your product or service apart is key. Cimzia Select, involved empathetic branding and targeted patient support, reflecting the principles in our Brand Foundations. For additional reading on differentiating your brand, Harvard Business Review offers valuable strategies.

Refreshing your brand, as illustrated by our transformative work on Cimzia Select, involves a strategic, informed approach. Incorporating both internal insights and learning from external success stories ensures your brand’s evolution is both meaningful and impactful.

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