Why use video as part of your content marketing mix mobile

Why use video as part of your content marketing mix?

Video may form a strong part of your content marketing, but if not, this article explains how it will help increase the success of your next marketing campaign.

healthcare winds of change

Responding to the winds of change in Pharma

Advances in technology and mobile communication have resulted in customer experience being placed at the forefront of marketing strategy and campaigns. This change has been adopted across a wide spectrum of diverse businesses.


Shaping human behaviour with design

Design is often talked about tangibly as something that solves a problem. Rather more elusively, what it essentially does is initiate a change in behaviour. If you have a problem, what you really have is something that needs to be changed.


Going beyond the drug

 In an age of advanced technology, a business needs to give the world a valid reason for existence. As a pharmaceutical business, you need that reason to work harder to be meaningful because your audience is switching channels.


Communicating to your audience

You can reach further with digital. You can engage deeper with print. The few studies conducted in this area tend to reach this conclusion. The two work together seamlessly, and are almost co-dependent on each other to stimulate intent to purchase.