Using Video as Part of Your Content Marketing Mix

Stand Out In a Crowded Marketplace

Video may form a strong part of your content marketing strategy, significantly maximising video content ROI. If not already incorporated, this article will explain how it can enhance your next marketing campaign’s success.

The Challenge of Visibility

Let’s be honest, standing out in today’s marketplace is tough. Cultivating a strong brand presence, deploying effective marketing strategies, and having a kick-ass sales team can make a remarkable difference. These elements are pivotal in maximising video content ROI.

Why Video? Maximising Video Content ROI

Video content stands as a compelling medium, ideal for storytelling. It’s not just efficient; it’s also emotionally engaging. With 66% of consumers watching video content to learn about products, the importance of video in digital marketing is more critical than ever.

Consumer Expectations

Today’s consumers expect to see brand video content. Videos offer a glimpse into how products or services work in real life. This type of content, often seen as more authentic, can significantly boost consumer trust in a brand.

Choosing Your Video Content

Live, Motion Graphics, or Animation?

Selecting the right video type—live, motion graphics, or animation—is key. Each has its unique value in a content strategy, capable of being blended for dynamic effects.

The Distinction Between Motion Graphics and Animation

Animations involve a series of images to create movement, ideal for narrative-based engagement. In contrast, motion graphics focus on moving illustrative elements for a more dynamic information presentation. Here’s an insightful comparison between the two.

Both can be produced in 2D or 3D, with the choice depending on your objectives and the desired impact.

Understanding the unique attributes of live video, motion graphics, and animation allows marketers to choose the most effective medium for their message. Whether you aim to explain a complex concept, narrate a compelling brand story, or showcase a product in action, selecting the right type of video is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign. To explore how we can help you leverage these video formats to their fullest potential, visit our creative services page on video and discover the possibilities for enhancing your marketing strategy.

Understanding the Purpose and Outcome of Your Video

It’s crucial to define the purpose and outcome of your video before production begins. Whether you’re aiming for brand awareness, lead generation, or instructional content, the right type of video can make all the difference. For insights on optimising video length for engagement, Forbes offers guidance on keeping content concise.

Creating engaging content is essential for capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention. Our expertise in video production has helped numerous healthcare clients stand out in their respective markets. One notable example is the motion graphic video we crafted for Smith & Nephew, viewable here, which showcases our ability to convey complex information in an engaging and visually appealing manner.

The Role of Animatics in Video Production

Some might not be familiar with what an animatic is and its significance in the video production process. An animatic serves as an animated storyboard, complete with music, sound effects, and voice-over, providing a preliminary visual of how the final video will appear. This step is crucial for refining or amending the story before embarking on the more costly animation process, ensuring the best results possible.

For instance, the animatic we created for Smith & Nephew served as a blueprint, allowing us to explore and refine narrative elements, timing, and visual cues before proceeding with the full-motion graphic production. This preparatory step is key in our process, helping us and our clients visualize and tweak the project to perfection before final execution.

Know Your Target Audience

Without knowing your audience you are unlikely to get your message to the right people. Start by asking yourself a few questions about your target viewer, some examples are:
What problem do they have?
How do we solve that problem?
Where do they hang out online?
What age are they?
Once you’ve answered these questions you can start to think about what kind of video will appeal to your target audience and where you will show it, to reach them.

Create Engaging Content

The hard bit! People love to watch videos but it has to be engaging enough to keep your audience watching. That’s where your choice of creative agency comes in. Make sure you research your agency and they can show and demonstrate their ability in this area of expertise.

Instructional guides don’t need to be boring, and users will absorb and retain more information if the content is engaging. By working in sectors like Pharma and healthcare, we have consistently pushed boundaries to make educational content empowering and relatable, as demonstrated in our projects. Traditional instructional guides often fail to meet these needs, underscoring the importance of innovative approaches in content creation.

Now that you understand the value video brings to content marketing and the role of tools like animatics in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of video content, you can see how we can help maximise your video content ROI. By defining clear goals, understanding your audience, creating engaging content, and including a call to action, you’ll be well on your way to leveraging video content effectively. Visit our creative services page to discover how we can enhance your marketing strategy with high-impact video content.

How Long Should the Video Be for Optimum Engagement?

The length of your video will of course depend on the outcome you are trying to achieve. In general, it’s proven that shorter videos have a better retention rate, but just because someone’s watching doesn’t mean that they will take any call to action. Focus on getting your message across quickly and concisely, NEVER sacrifice the quality of the message to shorten your video.

Keep it Simple

It’s always tempting to try and cram as much as possible into your video but remember people have limited attention spans and as mentioned above you need to keep them engaged. You may want to tell your customers 20 reasons for using your product or service, but they will switch off or get information overload and you’ll end up with a costly, bloated animation that nobody has watched. 90 seconds seems to be a sweet spot for most animated explainer videos.

Include a Call to Action

Think about what you would like the customer to do when they’ve finished watching your video. It could be a link to your website, a download or an offer, but make sure you don’t lose the opportunity to get the most out of the interaction and continue the conversation.

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