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A Focused Approach to Women's Healthcare...

Cimzia Select, a pioneering initiative by UCB Pharma, is focused on addressing the healthcare needs of women affected disproportionately by certain inflammatory conditions. Our challenge was to create an empathetic and impactful brand identity for Cimzia Select that resonated deeply with this specific demographic.

Think Hatch's approach involved extensive research to understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by these women. This insight was pivotal in crafting a brand identity that was not just visually appealing but also emotionally resonant, offering support, empathy, and empowerment.

We aimed to position Cimzia Select as more than a medical solution, it was envisioned as a symbol of hope and understanding. The brand identity developed by Think Hatch was designed to be a relatable and trusted resource in the healthcare journey of these women.

Empathetic Branding for Enhanced Patient Care...

Think Hatch's strategy for Cimzia Select included photography, creating patient support materials, an intuitive app, and an explainer video, specifically targeting the program's female demographic. The focus was on understanding and addressing the unique healthcare needs of these women, ensuring that each component of the campaign was relatable and effective.
  • Developed a brand identity focused on women's specific healthcare needs
  • Created patient support materials and an app for targeted care
  • Produced an empathetic explainer video for effective communication
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