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Momentum Bioscience stands out as a trailblazer in medical technology, especially in the field of sepsis diagnostics. Their innovative approach drastically reduces the time taken for sepsis diagnosis, a crucial factor in effective treatment and patient survival.

Think Hatch faced the challenge of communicating this complex solution in a manner that was both understandable and impactful. The strategy involved distilling complex medical concepts into clear, concise messaging that resonated with both medical professionals and the wider public.

Strategic Branding and Communication...

In a comprehensive collaboration, Think Hatch provided an array of services to Momentum Bioscience, including brand strategy, photography, video production, website development, event management, and marketing communications. The goal was to create a brand that not only conveyed the innovative essence of Momentum Bioscience but also made a significant impact in the healthcare sector. By creating a cohesive brand image and clear messaging, we were able to position Momentum Bioscience as a leader in sepsis diagnostics, significantly increasing awareness of the critical problem they solve in the world.
  • Elevated Momentum Bioscience's healthcare sector profile with a strategic brand overhaul
  • Delivered brand design, photography, video production, and web development to showcase their innovation
  • Boosted brand visibility, establishing them as sepsis diagnostics leaders with significant healthcare impact
"When I need an agency to take the necessary time to understand the creative communication challenge and get the job done – that’s when I think of HATCH."
Sumi Thaker - Momentum Bioscience

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